Name of company & location: Serendipity, Abergavenny

Introduction to the company: Serendipity was opened 25 years ago by Nicky Noble and has been a successful hair and beauty salon in the heart of Abergavenny ever since! They have a fantastic 5 star rating from their clients and they pride themselves on their quality of service and friendly staff.

Key duties: Whilst carrying out a Traineeship at this fantastic salon, you will be expected to carry out a range of different duties, such as:
Learning about Hairdressing Industry, gain experience of working in the Hair salon and environment, being part of a team and working with others, assisting with Hairdressing services, indicated by Level 1 qualification and employer requirements, Health & Safety in the salon and communicating with clients.

Salary: Up to £50 per week training allowance plus contribution to travel expenses

Hours: To be decided

Qualification achieved: Level 1 Hairdressing 

Progression opportunity: Employment and Level 2 apprenticeship in Hairdressing

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